23 September 2015

Jess Ross

Hope you are well, I rent a property through love real estate.

I have a work transfer to Tarneit suburb at the end of October and would be vacating the current property by 26th October  since the time to travel to Tarneit is over 1 hour.

It was a fantastic experience to be with a terrific real estate agency and would highly recommend to family and friends anytime.

Thanking You
Shaneel V.


18 September 2015

Antonio Azzinnaro.
Thank you for the best service that we experienced with you and LOVE real estate.

If you are looking for the best Agent to rent out your property, we highly recommend Antonio Azzinnaro. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest and hard working. He achieved a great result for us in a very short period of time and made the process of leasing out our property as easy as possible. He kept us well informed at every stage. He was always available to take our calls or return them promptly. He gave us full reports after each inspection and met all our expectations.

We could not rate him or his team highly enough. Thank you, Antonio.

Best regards


24 August 2015

Hi Caroline,
Just to let you know we will be vacating our home and moving to another area which is sad news for us as we are leaving Love Real Estate and moving with different real estate and different experience. 
With Love Real Estate Thornbury and especially with you we had really good times and you always looked after us and we never worried for any problems or issues with this house.
But that’s life we have to move on one day……
Once again I would like to say thanks to you for the good reference you gave us. Will call you or maybe will come and see you before I will leave this property Thanks once again 



16 July 2015

Dear Emma,

Thank you to the entire Love Real Estate team for helping us find our new home. We really appreciate it. Have a Good Day.
Thanking You,

Kind Regards,
Jitendrasingh & Sheetal


30 June 2015

He was quick to meet my needs as I viewed the property at Gower Street, Preston at his invitation he was kind, considerate and helpful. His approach was effective, efficient not doubt like everyone else at love real estate Thornbury. He made me feel comfortable and very welcome, answered all my questions promptly about the apartment while giving me ample time to view the property and he was on time. The best thing about Stefan as far as I am concerned was his humility. He made me happy by his presentation and was easily understood.I wish to be with Love Real Estate Thornbury, not just for one year but many years at 6/259 Gower Street, Preston. It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to deal with Stefan Perera and Love Real Estate.


23 June 2015

Arthur Kokkinos was a great help in assisting me buy my first home. As I was inexperienced he would always answer my millions of questions freely and lend his experience and knowledge to help me buy my home. Arthur was the only agent that showed a genuine interest in  helping me when no other agent would.

Tootgarook Lane, Epping


22 June 2015

I wanted to take time to appreciate and thank you for the best service that we experienced with you and LOVE real estate.

The day we walked into your Reservoir office, we could sense how professional and efficient you operate.  We migrated to Australia from India and other agents were not taking time to understand our circumstances, instead they were being very commercial and were expecting me to pay more rent than the market rate. I am so glad I ran into you and happy that you were patient enough to listen and understand our circumstances and offered your help. You truly simplified the process of renting considering the fact we are new to the country. And that helped a lot as  renting an apartment could be a tedious process if you are not dealing with the right agent. Not only you helped us getting an apartment, you also helped us when we moved to Sydney and you had to answer ten’s of calls from the agents here in Sydney. To be honest, Sydney needs more agents like you and we are not so fortunate to find one like you. Our family would like to thank you for your help and we settled with ease when we moved to Melbourne a year ago. A big thank you to you.  If we ever come back to Melbourne and need a rental, YOU would be the first person we will come and see.

Harisha and Satish Bonthu


21 May 2015

We have, over the last couple of months been dealing with Jess Ross regarding the rental of our property at 10 Hurley St, Reservoir.
Just wanted to say we have been most impressed with Jess’ diligence and hard work, and more than that, her very pleasant nature. This is the first time we have rented our property through an agent, and Jess has made the task so much easier for us. She is always willing to take our many questions and is prompt with her replies.
We expect that our relationship with Love Real Estate through Jess, will continue to be professional and at the same time open and honest in all our dealings with her.

Kind regards,
Marion Whitelaw

20 May 2015

Dear Jess Ross,

You have been very kind to  us and everything has gone well after we landed in this apartment.
I will always remember how helpful and accommodative you were when I met you, even without any rental history.
I appreciate everything you have done for me and wish you and the team at Love Real Estate Reservoir the best for the future.


15 May 2015

Dear Michael Tornatore,

Hope this email finds you well,
I would like to thank you for your kindness and support when i needed it the most. You have supported me through out the years and provided me with a home when i needed the most and I am grateful for that.
I hope that Love real estate would preserve and cherish such a respectful and kind person like you. You are an asset to their business. I hope the future hold the best for you and the entire office.

Kind regards
28 April 2015

We came to Love Real Estate as a known and established agent in our area. During a difficult and emotional time for our family, we found the agent, Con Yancos, very caring and understanding.
We had many questions regarding the selling of the property and he was very forthcoming with options and recommendation throughout the whole campaign.
Always courteous and enthusiastic about a successful outcome for all of us he made our transition easier with understanding and empathy.
He kept track of potential buyers and fed back information to us as the vendors as to the feeling of the progress.
The day of the auction he was very informative about the process and expectations he had, given the amount of genuine bidders were in attendance.
Overall great service and results.

Robert James | Coleman Crescent, Reservoir


30 March 2015

We contacted 3 local agents to discuss the sale of our properties.

After meeting all 3 it was obvious that Mr Noel Crouch was by far the most professional and had a far better knowledge of the market for our properties. Noel make undertakings to us in regards to service and, without fail, delivered on his promises, at all times we were aware of progress towards sale and he was able to achieve a sale price at the top end of our expectations.
Noel made the sale easy for us and very easy to understand. His service was excellent and he was very pleasant to deal with.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Noel to any potential clients,

Ken Smith
Sussex Street, Preston

19 January 2015

Bill is a first-rate but down to earth Real Estate agent who made the dreaded process of selling our first home easy, and we have a toddler.Bill and Jeremy were very respectful of our family’s wishes and delivered on all that we asked and then some. Selling property can be awkward and stressful, so finding a Real Estate agent with integrity and empathy like Bill, was a windfall. We couldn’t recommend Love Real Estate any more highly.  The service we received to sell our home was exceptional.


Justin & Brooke
Dundas Street, Thornbury

13th November 2014

Dear Staff,

On behalf of Bethlehem women, staff and board of management, we would like to thank you for your kind donation of $461.90. Charitable gifts from donors like EJ Love Real Estate provide the financial and moral support to continue our mission. We are extremely grateful for you generosity.

Bethlehem Community is a vibrant community of staff and volunteers that provides accommodation and support to homeless women.
Our organisation is one of the very few in Melbourne that offers long-term accommodation and support to women who have experienced long-term homelessness and are amongst society’s most marginalised.

Your donation to Bethlehem Community is one of the most direct ways to improve the lives of women. Your support is helping us to make it possible for our women to rebuild their lives.

Once again thank you for your kind support.

Yours sincerely
Carol Vale


18th September 2014


This is my 2nd dealing with Joe Horton and anyone would agree that the process of selling a house can be most daunting and painful but Joe has certainly made it a very different experience for us – he has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the campaign and there wasn’t a moment where we felt that we weren’t kept in the loop as we were given a detailed report of the campaign every week.

Also, Joe is probably the only agent who would repeatedly say to his customer, “Leave the stress to me !!!”

Joe, you are a star and we cannot thank you more for making this such a amazing experience for us.

Best regards
Vivian Lee & Leslie Lang


15th September 2014

Joe Horton “Simply the Best”

Joe Horton, firstly is a thorough genuine gentleman, someone whom upon the very first meeting I had with him felt immediately comfortable with. Although I had other interviews booked with other Real Estate Agents I knew within 5 minutes that I was going to be cancelling those interviews and listing my home with Joe. It was a very difficult decision to decide to sell our family home of 20 years , but Joe immediately picked up on the importance of these emotions and was extremely caring and understanding. Throughout the Auction campaign I personally took Joe on a wild roller coaster ride with me. I was dealing with my emotions on whether to sell or not to sell, Joe ensuring me all is ok! , often not knowing if he had a house to sell or not. But all the while he carried on and worked tirelessly behind the scenes searching for buyers for our home. Although I was giving Joe a tough time, throughout the campaign he kept us well informed every step of the way, after every open ,after all the follow up calls we knew how our campaign was going. Joe provides HONEST , no nonsense, as it is feedback , he does not give you any unrealistic expectations on what to expect for your home. It is amazing how he can read the market, and understand what buyers are thinking about your property.

Joe was able to draw out the buyers for our home one week before our Auction, with a result that far exceeded our expectations, eleviating the stresses associated with Auction day. Then within a couple of days of selling our home he assisted us in the purchase of our next home.

We could not have asked for a better result and service during this emotional time in selling and buying. We would HIGHLY recommend anyone to use the services of Joe Horton and the team of Love Real Estate when buying or selling Real Estate. We thank you Joe, we really appreciate all that you have done for us.


Kind Regards Belinda and Andrew Garland, 30 William St, Preston.


31st August 2014

‘Simone sold us our new home in Coburg. While we were looking for houses, we dealt with a lot of real estate agents, and we have to say that Simone’s friendly, honest and very professional approach to the sale of the home made a big difference and stood out in our experience. We found everything she said she would do, she did, providing great advice and service at all times. We can also say she was a tough negotiator! We have to respect this having just sold our own home, and we can say she definitely did the best she could by the vendor in this instance, getting them a great price and us our wonderful new home, and we can easily recommend her for anyone looking to sell their home.’

Brenden and Kristy Carter, purchasers of 38 Elizabeth Street, Coburg


‘Simone sold us our new home in Coburg. While we were looking for houses, we dealt with a lot of real estate agents, and we have to say that Simone’s friendly, honest and very professional approach to the sale of the home made a big difference and stood out in our experience. We found everything she said she would do, she did, providing great advice and service at all times. We can also say she was a tough negotiator! We have to respect this having just sold our own home, and we can say she definitely did the best she could by the vendor in this instance, getting them a great price and us our wonderful new home, and we can easily recommend her for anyone looking to sell their home.’


14th August 2014

Dear Bill and Simone,
I am so happy we chose Love Real Estate. You have both been so professional, efficient, friendly and so accommodating. I feel that you have gone out of your way each time we met to suit my needs.  You have made every effort from my first call to your office 14 months ago in making everything easy, simple, and to your word. Thank you for trusting me to my word last year when you first came to see me and especially through our campaign. 
I am so grateful to you both for how well you have looked after me. I hope this was as special to you as it was for me.
Please also thank all team members that have had a part in the sale my property.


4 September 2014

Simone Curley is an exceptional Real Estate Agent. She is professional, courteous, empathetic and warm. Simone goes above and beyond for her customers by striving to meet their personal goals, whilst ensuring that they feel safe and happy during the entire sale/purchasing process. She soon becomes a warm and happy face that puts you at ease and her honesty is unparalleled. She is one of the only Realtors I have ever met that is more interested in her customers getting what they want, then profit. I would go as far as to say, that she is a ‘Real Estate Angel’.

Thank you for all of your help Simone, we were blessed to find you and would recommend you to anyone, and everyone.

Jade McEwen x

Jade McEwen

25 June 2014

Hi Joe,

Mat and I just wanted to write you a short note of thanks in relation to the purchase of our new house in Preston. It isn’t often that you deal with agents who are so transparent and honest about the process and who give a clear and accurate idea about the price range for a property. We have (had!) been looking for a while – and in this area have found that the quoting range has meant next to nothing on pretty much all the properties we viewed.

We really appreciated the advice, updates and honesty that we received from you and your team in relation to 2 Mount Pleasant Road. As you know, we didn’t actually expect to be the successful bidders after our previous experiences!

We would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell or buy in the area – we were very impressed.


Many thanks again

Tamara Orrlov

25 June 2014

I am a facilitator and customer service training is how I make a living. When it came to choosing a real estate agent to sell my home I met with several big brand and small independent agents and by far the standout was Joe Horton. Here was a man with integrity and professionalism.

Throughout the process Joe kept me up to date with all the prospective buyers and feedback from those who viewed my home. My mother, a work colleague as well as a friend were selling homes the same time. The service they received in no way compared to Love Real Estate and wished they could have commissioned Joe and his team. My best friend is now selling his home with Joe on my recommendation.

Joe was honest about the reality of what could happen at my auction which meant nothing was a surprise. He achieved the price I was looking for by negotiating long and hard on my behalf.

Selling your house is stressful, if you have Joe on your side it becomes a (dare I say it) pleasurable experience!

Bianca, 34 O’keefe Street, Preston

25 June 2014

Joe and Steph are two of the best real estate agents we’ve dealt with. Their customer service was impeccable and they

responded to all of our requests very promptly, making the whole experience of purchasing a property seamless.

They were both extremely professional and very understanding of our needs. Thank you for a great buying experience,

it was an absolute pleasure to deal with you both.

Cecille – Purchaser 1/15 Wilkinson Street, Reservoir



25 June 2014

Joe Horton from Love Realestate was recommended to us as an honest, decent bloke, ‘he’ll help you out’ we were told by an acquaintance. Throughout our dealings with Joe and Love Realestate, we were given honesty, transparency and an effort of 110%. We were not given false promises, our expectations were not raised to gain our business, it was clear and concise every step of the way. The result? Well the result by far exceeded our expectations. Thank you Joe, for your honesty, proffessionalisim and damn hard work. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Joe and Love Realestate.

Tuncay & Zeliha Kilic

25 June 2014

Joe Horton and Love Real Estate were recommended to us by a friend. He assured us that Joe was “as honest as the day is long”.

The home we were selling was part of a deceased estate settlement and the family wanted to sell the property as is. Joe considered our wishes and worked hard to achieve a sale prior to going to auction. We were most pleased with the outcome and can highly recommend Joe and his team at Love Real Estate. We would definitely use them again.

Karin & Derek Parkins

2 Sturdee Street,


Karin & Derek Parkins

25 June 2014

Dear Mr Love,

On Saturday, my fiancé and I were the successful bidders in a property that was sold by Love Real Estate. We had been looking for a property since November 2013.

For the past 7 months we have dealt with all the real estate agents in Reservoir and some in the neighbouring suburbs and none of them match up to your staff.

The first real estate agency I approached back in November 2013 was Love Real Estate and I recall meeting Phil Peros for the first time. The professionalism, friendliness, honesty and support I received from Phil was exceptional. Phil took me to several properties and even arranged an inspection for me on a Sunday morning which was the only time that I was able to bring some builders through the property for an inspection.  From the minute I met Phil, I could tell he was a genuine person and I felt comfortable to be liaising with him.

In December, we found another property with a different agency that had failed to receive any bids at an auction and proceeded to go to private sale. We put an offer in writing for the property.  The way I was treated by this agent was appalling, the verbal aggression I received almost put me off wanting to deal with another agent and I vowed that we would not give our money to this agency and refused to look at any properties that were on their list again.

In the new year, once new properties started to get listed again, Phil was constantly in phone contact with me, by now he realised what style of house we were looking for and my fiance and I continued to go to open inspections.

We met Arthur Torpatzis at one of these open for inspections and he also came across as professional and friendly.

By March, both Phil and Arthur knew my fiancé and I on a first name basis (not sure if that’s a good thing ;) ). We unfortunately came second in an auction that Phil and Arthur managed and as soon as the auction was complete, Arthur was very quick in coming up to us to commiserate and to inform us that a similar property may be available in a couple of weeks and that we would be notified. Whilst we were upset about missing out on the auction it was reassuring to know that the agents were still trying to help us find our dream home. Phil who was managing the sale of the property had to go inside and finalise the sale but later that day he called me to also convey commiserations.  My fiance and I thought that was extremely professional and thoughtful of him to do that.

Between March and May we inspected a few other properties and came across George Ioannou who again lived up to the Love reputation that we were now used to. George called me several times about a property and followed up some questions that I had raised.  Unfortuantely the property was just not up to our expectations.

We finally came across the property which was to become ours and that is where we met Con Yancos who also was as professional as the others. We were spoilt at the auction to have Phil, Arthur and Con all there. The property was passed in at auction with us as the final bidders and we had the exclusive rights to negotiate with the vendor. To finally get to this stage after such a long time of disappointment, it was nerve racking, frightening and frustrating, but these three agents managed to calm me down so that my fiancé and I were able to negotiate a successful sale price.

Since November 2013, I was ringing Phil weekly about properties, asking him to find me a property and stating that my fiance and I couldn’t get married until we purchased a property.  I had told Phil that I really hoped that we would make our purchase through Love Real Estate considering I found them to be the most helpful of the lot and I would prefer to give my money to them rather than any other agency.  I am glad that we were able to do just that.

My sister is now in the market looking for a property and I have once again started to call Phil so that he can help us find a property for my sister and I will definately recommend Love Real Estate to anyone that will listen to me, for buying, selling or renting.

You have a great team at Love Real Estate Reservoir and you certainly have set the standards very high, while other agencies were helpful to an extent, no other agency can match up to your team, keep up the good work and please convey our thanks to Phil, Arthur, Con and George.

Nesrene and Jim

11 April 2014

We wish to  take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Love Real Estate.

We found the level of service and professionalism to be outstanding throughout the journey leading to the succesfull selling of our family home.

We were also impressed with the preparation prior to the auction including the advertising campaign and the efforts to canvass prospective buyers.

The conduct of the team on the day of the Auction was commendable and we were most grateful for achieving a price above the reserve.

Yours Sincerely,

Angela Cantelmi,
On behalf of the Medici Family,
Very satisfied customers.

59 Beauchamp Street, Preston

Angela Cantelmi

2 March 2014

Dear Joe Horton,

We both feel that we couldn’t have found anyone better to have worked with us through one of the most stressful, emotionally charged events in our life. Pete and I took an enormous risk financially and emotionally purchasing our new house before selling…not really knowing what our house was worth, and in doing so, we put our fate and faith in your hands to secure our future and the outcome was a fantastic one…  At every stage you kept us feeling positive and confident. You communicated with both of us honestly and consistently, we felt supported and comfortable making decisions.


So from us all


Thank you and best wishes


We will be sure the recommend Love to anyone that asks.

Heather and Pete, 72 David Street, Preston

3 February 2014

Joe Horton and his team were very helpful and professional in the sale of our investment property.


I found Joe to be a very honest person with the market appraisal and expectation of the sale value of our property.  After every inspection, he called to advise me how each inspection went, with regards to the number of people who attended, their feedback and 2nd visits.


Considering we were in the middle of renovating our own home, Joe and his team took responsibility and any additional stress from selling this investment property, which was of great importance and assistance to us.


We would highly recommend Joe and Love Real Estate Preston for services they have provided from property (rental) management right thru to buying / selling a home.

Keep up the great work !

Victor & Kathy

6 November 2013

Hi Nick


I take this opportunity to thank you, Melba, receptionist Tamara and especially Harry for all your assistance in helping me get Heysen Crt tenanted.


Harry has been of great assistance I can’t praise him enough. He went over and above his duty to help me. Ultimately to follow up on tenants and get final trades people in place. Heysen Crt was rented within a couple of weeks of advertising – WOW!! Harry’s prompt attention to details has been gratifying.


Nick and staff – thank you once again.

Grace Marasa

31 October 2013

Simone Curley – the Ultimate Professional


Simone was responsible for both the complete renovation and successful sale of my mother’s property in Collins Street Thornbury.


We found Simone a delight to deal with and the quality of her work impeccable. She ensured that we were constantly kept in touch with the progress of the renovation as she guided it to its completion.


The campaign she ran for the property’s sale was of the highest calibre, she contacted us at least twice a week to keep us in touch with developments.


We are certain that her integrity, professionalism and attention to detail were responsible for the excellent price that she achieved at auction – a record for such a property in Thornbury.


We could not have been more pleased with our relationship with Simone and her efforts on our behalf.

Liz Payne

10 September 2013

Hi Michael,

Just a short note to say thanks for your help with my recent purchase of 8 Liston Avenue Reservoir.Your advice and intimate knowledge of the area was invaluable in helping me secure the purchase of this property.I can’t thank you enough for all your help from purchase through to settlement and I will definitely recommend you and your office to all my friends if they are looking to purchase or sell real estate in the area.

Glenn O’Connell

3 September 2013

Hi James and Michael,

I am really pleased with the result you both achieved with the selling of my home.  Right from our first meeting you both have been considerate, patient and respectful of my home and our situation. Your direction, knowledge, and confidence was the standout attributes in choosing Love Real Estate.

You are very personable which made it easy for me to communicate with you both and trust you to do the right thing by me in selling my home. You have restored my faith in real estate agents.

Thank you for a pleasant selling experience, I will certainly be recommending Love Real Estate to friends & family.


17 August 2013

Once again, thank you so very much for your efforts in our extremely successful campaign. They were honest and genuine in their comments and appraisal, but also positive, and had what seemed to me a very good knowledge and understanding of the local market. I felt they presented and explained every aspect carefully and concisely, which helped me considerably in believing we had a reasonable chance of achieving a good result. We had a massively successful outcome, with the reserve of $525K surpassed very quickly and a hugely impressive $590K as the final selling price. We are walking on air, and can’t quite believe it. Selling a house can be one of the most stressful experiences in your lifetime, but they made our experience during the campaign ‘pain-free’ and have delivered an outcome we never, ever imagined achievable.

Cheers and kind regards

Wendy and Tracey Dunstone

12 August 2013

The team at Love Real Estate are incredible.We had the pleasure of both being a vendor and purchaser with the team. After such a smooth experience purchasing our second home, there was no question as to whom we would sell with.  They made selling our first home an easy, enjoyable and not to mention a financially beneficial process.
We could not have been more pleased with our result on the day of the auction. Our house sold for $100,000 more than our reserve. It took so much financial pressure of us

Simon Power

23 June 2013

Our sincere thank you to the Love Realestate Team for all their efforts in selling our home!

From the first meeting with Roger Pettinella to discuss our selling options, the professionalism &knowledge was evident we had chosen theright Agent to represent us.

The marketing campaign was a strong indication that we were on the right track to achieving a successful sale of our home.

Roger always provided us with feedback and kept us informed with every detail!  From the beginning of the campaign, throughout all the openinspections, and right up until Auction day!

The Auction day itself was a day filled with nerves, anxiety and excitement! All of which we felt were shared by the Love team! Theirprofessionalism and support given to us as the Auction was about to commence will always  be remembered!

Our Auctioneer, Jim Kalakias was fantastic! Without a doubt one of the most reputable rising Auctioneers to date, who we believe is arising star with a great career ahead of him!

Jim conveyed to the large crowd a huge statement and summed it up perfectly and honestly, we were & forever will be honoured&touched  by it! Without  personalising our home, Jim personalised us as people and validated all our efforts, hard labour and love, whichwe had implemented into our  home!

The auction result exceeded our expectations! We will always be thankful and highly recommend Love to others. We will never hesitate in usingLove Mill Park as our preferred Agent with our future endeavours!

Maria & Paul Di Beradino

24 May 2013

Kannan was my selling agent for the property which I sold recently. I decided on Kannan as my agent after speaking with him and all the other major real estate agents in my area. What won me over the others was his proactive approach to building a relationship with the client after the initial interview, being honest about price expectations and being very accessible and professional at all times. During the auction campaign, I found Kannan to be a very hard worker as he kept me up to date with potential buyers, providing me feedback continuously on the campaign progress and exceeding my expectations all the way. My choice of agent was proven correct on the auction day as a very satisfactory price was achieved. Based on my experience, I will certainly use Kannan for all my future real estate dealings and so should you!


Don Wijeratne

24 May 2013


I’d like to take the time in giving our feedback regarding George.

His service attitude and professionalism was over and beyond, we have dealt with many agents but George was an exception.

We cannot express our gratitude with his exceeding help support and making our dreams come true with purchasing our new home.

He was truthful humble and fantastic to deal with.

We truly want George to get recognition This is not an email that is to be taking lightly, and we don’t want him to get a pat on the back, please be advised George is a staff member that you have working in your office that is exceptionally a great asset to your company.

It is very hard to come across that type of service these days and we can not stretch that enough.

Hopefully George can get a sit down talk with both of you relating to this email, for if your office keeps getting this type of service I can promise you our recommendation to top clients we know we will be referring to your office and specifically asking George to deal with them.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

Emily Ajouz

21 May 2013

I had been looking to purchase a house since the sale of my property and had liaised with numerous Real Estate Companies and Agents during this time.

I purchased my new house from Kannan Subramanian from Love Real Estate Reservoir who was most professional and responsive to my needs by really understanding what I required. He was exceptional in following matters up with the Vendors and returning all phone calls promptly. He operated with the highest integrity, his caring sales approach and personal manner was a cut above the rest.  This approach made a very stressful time of selling and buying a house more manageable and pleasant. I have highly recommended Kannan from Love Real Estate Reservoir to family, friends and colleagues who have either contemplated selling or purchasing a house.

Kannan is truly a cut above the rest!

Lee Esposito

21 May 2013

Through purchasing my first home, I met Kannan. He was easy to talk to and an authentic sales consultant. He provided me with figures that were realistic and also found me a house to fit into my tight budget. Buying a house, and a first home at that, was a nerve-wrecking experience. Kannan made it that much more pleasant by keeping in constant contact and not pressuring me to make a purchase until i found the right home.

Loretta Anne Singh

22 April 2013

Dear Roger,

RE:      Recent sale of our property at 32 Garden Grove Drive Mill Park

We are writing to show our sincere appreciation for the excellent work you did selling our property. Your professional manner, which you displayed right from the start with our first meeting with you, could not be faulted.

You recommended “Sale by Set Date” – You had a PLAN of how you were going to sell the property, kept us informed at every step along the way, and followed through with it perfectly resulting in an excellent result for us at the end.  Your trustworthy manner made us feel the sale was “safe in your hands”.

You worked hard to sell our property, you were always punctual, respectful, polite and sensitive. You advised us when you felt we needed it, explained things when needed, and showed patience with us.  You took meticulous pride in how the photos and board presentation was carried out and wording thereon.

Once again Roger, thanks very much for all the hard work and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is contemplating selling their home.

Wishing you well in all future sales.
“Pity you barrack for Carlton’


Keith & Annette Marks

27 March 2013

My wife & I were extremely weary in dealing with real estate agents due to unpleasant past experiences. So when we required the services of an agent once more to sell our home we were prepared for the worst.

We interviewed several agents before choosing Love Real Estate Mill Park. We felt James & Roger had a fresh approach to marketing, displaying confidence, had excellent local area knowledge & sold our home for an outstanding price!

We’d like to thank James Dimitriou and Roger Pettinella from Love Real Estate Mill Park for their commitment and dedication in selling our home. We got 5% greater than our sell price which really helped our circumstances.

They showed passion and confidence throughout the whole process of finding the right buyer and were professional doing so.

We highly recommend both agents & Love Real Estate Mill Park in successfully selling any property.

We are now building our new home & thanks to several recommendations from James, we have also found a wonderful builder as a result.

Thanks guys, we appreciate everything you both did for us, truly.

Billy & Julie

11 September 2012

Our journey to Kilmore..


In September 2011, we advertised our property with an agent with the intention to moving to Kilmore but through unfortunate circumstances the house failed to settle three days before it was due to do so which caused great grief and anxiety to both myself, my wife and our family.

Being very disheartened by the proceedings of not selling the house we were very weary of going through this process once again.

My daughter Samantha phoned love real estate in Thomastown and asked the staff to please meet with us to discuss possibly trying to put the property back on the market as soon as possible as we were weary of going through this again with all the stress  that came with it previously.

We met with Ryan Di Natale and Christopher Shine at our house that week to discuss what procedure would be best for us to re- sell our property and how they would action a plan to get a positive result that we would be happy with.

We found both Ryan and Christopher to be both polite, reassuring, confidant and informative and was very impressed with their local knowledge and presentation of how they intended to sell our property.

In the first two weeks of having our property in their hands our house was sold!

Both Susan and I were extremely happy with how both Ryan and Christopher handled the process of selling our house, we were informed of every step of the way all the way through to settlement which went off  with no fuss or stress to my wife or I.

I would personally like to recommend both Ryan Di Natale and Christopher Shine to any home owner who is contemplating selling their property as I found them both extremely approachable and very informative during the whole process for which I am very grateful

Thanks again

“Now in Kilmore “

John and Susie Merrett

20 July 2012

Hi Kannan,

Just a quick note to let you know that we signed a contract on a property yesterday so our search for a new home is over, finally. We just wanted to let you know and to thank you for all the time you gave us during our search. We really appreciated your honesty, frankness and help.

It’s all happened really quickly as the house only just went on the market, we inspected on Wednesday, put in an offer on Thursday and had it accepted today. I guess that’s how these things work.

Thank you again for all your help. If we need any real estate help or if we have any friends who do we’ll certainly recommend you.

Kind regards

Lorraine and Paul Ferrari

20 June 2012

Dear Mr Love,

In Appreciation- Sale of 20 Flag Street, Kingsbury

We would like to express our appreciation for the efforts of the Love Real Estate team in marketing and selling our property at 20 Flag Street, Kinsgbury.

In particular, we would like to thank Arthur Torpatzis and George Ioannou for the work they did in selling this property.

Having originally purchased the property from Arthur a number of years ago, we were more comfortable in using him again to sell it on our behalf. This proved to be a good decision on our part.

Greatest thanks are extended to George for his handling of the sale. We understand he is relatively new to the Love team, and the real estate industry in general, however his enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the process suggested many more years experience. George is a credit to your team, and we would be most pleased if you could pass on our thanks to him.

We would also like to commend Noel Crouch on his handling of the auction. Having attended quite a number of auctions conducted by many different auctioneers in the past, we can say with confidence that he is certainly one of the best we have seen.

Once again, thank you to Love Real Estate for all the support throughout the campaign.

Yours sincerely,

Tim McHardy & Randi Brooks

18 June 2012

We recently found the need to dispose of a family home in Preston. As we are from Mornington Peninsula we felt we needed a local agent to assist us and we settled on Love Real Estate because of their large presence in the Northern Suburbs and had such a great reputation.

We were most grateful for their attentive assistance and genuine care in disposing of the property. Their follow up and advice was second to none and ensured a pleasant experience in what can be a daunting task.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Joe Horton and the staff in achieving a most attractive result which exceeded all expectations. Joe’s care and consideration towards us and our 94 year old aunt, who had lived her entire life in Gilbert Road, Preston was exceptional.

All in all it was a most pleasant and rewarding experience dealing with Joe and the staff at Love Real Estate.

John D McOrist

29 March 2012

Thank you very much for the referral to your commercial office in Reservoir. We listed the property and had 2 offers with in the first 2 weeks, the vendors accepted the offer. Everyone is happy so once again thank you for the introduction.

Richard Fowler, Advantage Vendor Advocacy

21 March 2012

I have nothing but praise for Love Real Estate.  My dealings with them were nothing short of excellent.  Their manner, professionalism, punctuality and reliability made them an absolute pleasure to deal with, and I have only praise for their work ethic in every respect.  I would like to thank Love Real Estate for their professionalism and for easing the stress of my buying experience.  Love Real Estate comes highly recommend.


20 March 2012

We would like to extend our many thanks to Love Real Estate, who were fantastic throughout the whole process.
They were able to advise us and also support us during the sale of our house. The feedback and advice was second to none and always made me feel confident that we would sell the property and get the price we required. They made us feel comfortable when negotiating and discussing the finer details of the process.

Ryan Smith & Natasha Claringbold

9 March 2012

I wish to commend you on having such a wonderful employee at your workplace.
George Ioannou has been the most fantastic agent my fiance and I have EVER dealt with.
He has been nothing but professional, kind and always willing to help us out.
My fiance and I are getting married this year, and since the first house we inspected with George last year, he quickly took our requirements down and has contacted us on a regular basis to inform us of any new properties.
We are so happy to know that we are in safe hands, and anytime any new properties pop up, George is the first person to tell us.
You should be very proud to have such a wonderful and dedicated employee.
We would like to thank you for his outstanding service to us, and hope that he can hopefully find us a property that meets our needs in the near future before our wedding in December.
I have also been telling fellow employees and friends and family of his outstanding service and your wonderful company.
I hope you will pass this onto George in appreciation of all his efforts (even though I am so fussy and picky)!
Rosemary Risicato

7 February 2012

We are just writing to say thank you for all your help and assistance with the auction of our house in Kinsale St, Reservoir. When we decided to sell our house it was quite a hard decision knowing how to go about things and as it turned out we were torn between two real estate agents and we feel we made the right choice in choosing Love Real Esate, which we chose because they had sold quite a few houses in our area. We would certainly recommend Love Real Estate.

John & Raelene Skirrey

13 January 2012

Selling a home we’d owned for over 45 years and grew up in was never going to be easy. Luckily we found Love Real Estate who helped us through each step of the process and were able to take our best interests into account, whilst being professional and respectful at all times and making us feel very comfortable on a personal level.

Emilia Agalianos

12 January 2012

With the decision to put our house on the market was not an easy one, so we set out ourselves to find an agent who best understood the current market place. The selection process with finding an agent best to sell our home was simple; we found both Joe Horton and Arthur Torpatzis from Love Real Estate demonstrated right from the beginning to have the most indepth knowledge and long time professional experience for the Reservoir area and put forward a marketing campaign that was right for us. Joe and Arthur both appreciated our home and saw its qualities and the detail that went into it, and they understood our emotional attachment we had with our home too. We found both Joe and Arthur to be professional, honest, communicative and supportive at all times during the campaign along with a calm and relaxed approach with a down to earth sense of humour that made us feel at ease, but importantly, they both had a genuine desire to sell our house like it was theirs. We are grateful that we achieved the end result we were looking for and we highly recommend Joe and Arthur of Love Real Estate to sell your home.

Cesare Di Stefano

28 November 2011

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to pass on my thanks for a job well done on Saturday. Given the atrocious weather and looking at the other auction results I think that we were very fortunate on the day. Please say thanks also to Graham – we couldn’t have had better people to handle things for us. The other staff from Love’s who were there were also great – we especially appreciated the umbrellas!! Please say thanks to everyone from us all.


Mum and Dad were extremely pleased with the result also, although it was a sad day for them in some respects.


Kindest regards



4 September 2011

When I began my property search 4 month ago, Phil Peros from Love Real Estate was there offering me a helping hand. Phil understood very quickly what I was looking for, my likes and dislikes, and the location I desired. Phil is an honest, thorough and professional agent. He was excellent in responding to calls and emails in a timely manner, offering help and assistance where ever possible, answering questions, and will go out of his way to ensure that your needs are met. Along my journey, i also met Arthur Torpatzos, Senior Director or Love Real Estate, who provided me with some sound advice about acquiring property… Thanks Arthur.
Thanks again Phil, you helped me to find our home! I wish you all the success working with Love Real Estate and future endeavours.


8 June 2011


You were highly recommended to us as a sales consultant, whilst we were researching who to list the above property with for sale. You exceeded all our expectations of what we were looking for!

Your communication skills were exemplary, regular updates, knowledge of the market and honesty and integrity were outstanding. The advertising campaign was extensive  and thorough. Accommodating our requests was taken on board and carried out without any hesitation and to our brief.

To say that we were pleased with the sale price is an understatement, we were overwhelmed with the final result, due, we believe, to your commitment, customer service skills, impeccable attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the market.

Likewise, we were extremely grateful to Graham Love for his outstanding performance as auctioneer.
We would have no hesitation in employing Love Real Estate in any future dealings we may have the industry and thank you most sincerely for a remarkable result.

Kind Regards.

Shirley and David

18 May 2011

For Joe Horton, Love Real Estate, Preston
We decided to go with Love Real Estate to sell our home because Joe Showed such enthusiasm and eagerness to take on the job. He was also the agent who initially sold us the house and he was able to remember intricate detail about the property including its history and we believed that would give him an edge over other agents. His charismatic and likeable character was also a positive attribute as we believed that it would help sell our property to potential buyers.
We were working to a fairly tight dead line and needed to do some repairs and maintenance on the property to make it more appealing before putting it on the market,. Joe was able to get in contact with a list of contractors to help with the various  jobs that needed doing and made sure that these people were able to come in ASAP. During the selling period, Joe ensured that went according to the plan and we didn’t leave to deal with any delays or hold ups. His constant communication ensured that we knew what was happening at every step of the way, and we were able to put our trust in Joe.
overall, our experience with Joe Horton and Love Real Estate, Preston was over and above our expectations. Joe was always very professional and his experience in selling property showed through in giving as a great result, leading  us to be very satisfied with the outcome and we would hire Joe to sell our home again.

Melissa Say

4 May 2011

In a profession full of talkers, it has been my good fortune to find someone genuine and true to their word, So I hope you enjoy this small token of my thanks.
P.S Don’t forget to look after yourself.


17 February 2011

“I am writing to express my appreciation in regards to the exceptional service provided to me by Phil Peros.
Phil assisted me through previous Home-Opens providing advice and support. When I eventually found what I was looking for, Phil offered his round the clock support throughout the negotiation.
The purchase of 39 Wattle Grove has been a positive experience as a result of the service he provided.”


14 February 2011

“Thank you Arthur and Phil. What a great job.
You handled the sale of my mother’s home with the compassion and professional care it required.
As you know my Mum and Dad purchased the block of land from Love Real Estate 60 years ago. So it seemed right that Love Real Estate sell the property.
Many thanks again”


8 December 2010

“Over the past 2.5 years I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with Joe Horton. When I first engaged Joe’s services his knowledge of local property and his ability to relate to my needs as a client were second to none. Over the next 2.5 years Joe has maintained an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and passion for his job and our project.
Joe is someone who is easy to get along with, courteous to our requirements and very understanding of where we were at and which direction we would like to head. His advice is comforting and his honesty reassuring.
During our campaign Joe’s efficiency, product and client knowledge was outstanding. His authority and character whilst conducting a very entertaining auction brought about an amazing result, over and above what we could have ever expected.
Joe’s recent promotion within the realms of Love Real Estate only speaks volumes for his work ethic and the value he holds in the company.
Because of these traits we have already taken the liberty of recommending Joe Horton to our friends, family and associates some of whom have since engaged his services.
For anyone thinking of appointing Joe Horton to manage their property during what can be a very trying time, be rest assured that our experience with Joe has been a very enjoyable and positive, and therefore would not hesitate in recommending Joe Horton to manage the sale of your greatest asset”

Michael and Wendy James

6 December 2010

“Dear Joe,

We would like to acknowledge the huge effort you put in, in regards to selling our property at 29c O’Keefe Street, Preston.

Prior to dealing with you we have sold a number of properties through other agents.  From this we knew what we were looking for in an agent and when we met you (when we were not even considering selling so not looking for someone), you ticked all the boxes.  When the time came to pick an agent there was only one choice so we didn’t even consider asking another agent to take on the sale of our home.

Through the process your ongoing advice, honesty & re-assurance made the overall experience enjoyable and relaxed.  You kept us informed the entire campaign and along the way provided answers to any questions we had and looked after our needs.

Selling a property can be challenging and stressful, but with your calm and relaxed approach combining this with your sense of humour, made this an enjoyable experience for us both. Obviously the sale of our home meeting the appropriate price made this the icing on the cake.


Thank you once again.”


Jessica & Heath Shakespeare

2 December 2010

“Would just like to say thank you to Phil Peros for doing a great job with the sale of my unit. If I decide to buy in the area again I will be sure to give him a call. Have a great Christmas and New Year!!!”

Paul Smith

29 November 2010

“Joe Horton from Love Real Estate recently acted as agent in selling my property. I was very happy with every aspect of the marketing/selling process. From the initial discussions to the signing of the contract of sale, Joe was most open, thorough and professional.

One worry that I had in selling my house was what to do with my dog – Joe even took care of that – the dog got sold with the house!!”

Patricia M. Bordin

18 November 2010

“I recently enlisted Joe Horton from Love Real Estate to help with the sale of my house.

I found his constant good humour, friendliness and professionalism extremely reassuring in what is always a stressful time for a seller.

He kept me well informed about his interactions with potential buyers, an we had a very good turnout of people on Auction Day. Under very trying weather conditions, Joe conducted the Auction with the same professionalism and good humour he had shown throughout the marketing campaign, and achieved a good result for the sale of my home.

I would not hesitate to recommend Joe if you are thinking of selling your home.”

Lyndelle Newey

26 October 2010

“My wife and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation on your collective efforts in selling, at Auction, our property.

Your collective knowledge, advice and professionalism is absolutely first class. From our first meeting we felt comfortable and confident in your ability. You kept us informed and up to date all through the process, and of course your expertise on Auction day was first rate.

We took your advice on conveyancing, furnishing the property, blinds and other tips we gratefully accepted. We exceeded our reserve price due mainly to your efforts.

Thank you again, and we will be recommending the name E. J Love and in particular the two of you (Joe Horton & Kristie Brown) to our circle of friends and relatives.

P.S By the way the lollies on Auction Day were OK too!!!”

Vi & Bill Rutherford

7 October 2010
” Dear Phil,

I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for the professionalism you delivered in the process of the sale for my property in Reservoir. I was extremely happy with the result you and Arthur achieved and I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends and will always contact you for my future real estate needs.

I wish you all the very best for the future and once again thank you for the effort you put into making this process an easy and happy one for me.

Best wishes”

Christie Tsivoglou

30 September 2010

“I found Love Real Estate to be very professional. The agent that I used, Phil Peros was honest in his appraisal of the property, giving me a realistic and honest buy price of the property and in the end he was spot on. I was kept updated throughout the sale process, I received phone calls to give me feedback on the home.

I would not hesitate in recommending Phil Peros to sell/buy a home and would certainly use him again myself. At the end of the day he achieved the best result for me.”

Assef Khalil

26 August 2010

“Since moving into my new home I can’t thank you enough for the way you have changed my life literally.

I had sold my unit in the hope to upgrade and buy a house. In the past 12 months the market had moved quite rapidly and my hopes of attaining my dream were soon fading until you came along.

You were always there for me, recommending homes to look at and consider, and just as the other agents had given up on me, you had persisted and kept me informed of properties coming up for sale every step of the way.

If it wasn’t for you Con, I would not be standing where I am today. It’s because of you I have purchased a home for me and my two young kids. I am finally out of the rent cycle which I never thought I would get out of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you single handily restored my faith and life is much brighter than it was yesterday.

You are a very compassionate, considerate and professional agent. Please don’t ever change who you are. It’s what makes you stand out from the rest for you are the best!!!!”


Josie Galati

11 August 2010

” I wish to express my thanks for the way Con Yancos and Noel Crouch conducted themselves. You are very fortunate to have staff of their ability and standards.

Dealing with Con was very easy, he was always very honest with me and respectful, he kept me informed at all times regarding the progress of sale of the property. On the day of Auction, Noel the Auctioneer was great, very professional and obtained a desired price for the property.

It is a stressful time for owners but the result they achieved was much appreciated by me. I would be happy to recommend your company to other buyers and sellers.”

Diane Brady

10 July 2010

“I am writing this as a formal “thank you” to Michael Love for executing the sale of my property in Mernda (21 Rowanval Terrace) with professionalism and integrity.

I have never managed to remotely sell a property prior to this experience. I have had to spend a lot of time away from Melbourne from work but not once did I have to fly in just to check up on the sale. You handled everything and in my line of business (Telecommunication Consultancy), this is what we refer to as a complete “End to End” service.

I would also like to point out to you that I was very impressed with the value you achieved for my property, a testimony to your great negotiation skills.

Needless to say, I will have no hesitation in recommending Love Real Estate agents to any of my friends and colleagues.

Please accept the attached as a token of my appreciation. I hope to keep in touch and all the best for the future”.

Sajid Herwitker

22 June 2010

“It is with Great Pleasure I write this recommendation for Michael Love.

I was uncertain of the real estate market when I decided to sell my property at 5/20 O’Connor Street, Reservoir. Although dealing with Michael was most certainly one of the best real estate experiences of my life.

I was over whelmed by the local knowledge Michael displayed and constant exceptional service I received. Michael kept me well informed of the buyer activity as well as assisted me in understanding the current market place. I was also ecstatic with the price I achieved with the help of Michael’s negotiating skill. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone looking to sell their home as he displays all the characteristics of a trustworthy, hard working and certainly honest person, it is no question that he was the difference for me achieving an exceptional result”.

Robert Sambucco

25 May 2010

Michael, I convey to you my sincere appreciation for the manner, and attention to detail, that you and Ron conducted the pre auction open house inspections, and follow-ups as a result of those inspections of the unit in George Street Reservoir.

The interest created by you and Ron with advertising in the various forms was extremely effective and very professional. The combination of the open days, advertising, plus the excellent and very experienced Auctioneer (Graeme) all contributed to what I believe was an excellent result.

My brother was delighted with sale price for his unit.

On behalf of my brother and myself, I thank you for efforts and personal contact throughout the very successful campaign”.

Kevin McKenzie

20 May 2010

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Love Real Estate for the excellent service that I received throughout the sale of my home.

I found Michael Love to be of impeccable integrity. From the start the professionalism that Michael showed, really made me feel that I would be in safe hands. He has a certain charm that I am sure, would put many a “first home seller” like myself at ease and was always willing to address any problems that arose during the course the sale, which I might add, were mainly my doing!

On the day of the Auction there was no confusion as I had been informed of all that was going to happen by Michael beforehand. I felt that I had been given plenty of support throughout the Auction bye the Love team. Gino did a great job of calling and strived to get just that little bit extra out of the bidders on the day. The other two gentlemen, and I apologise that I cannot remember their names, also lent their friendly support.

I am now looking forward to settlement day and being able to move on to my new home that I have purchased in Albion. Thanks again”.

Dorothy Caddell

12 May 2010

“On 8th of May 2010 we sold our property, by Auction, through Love Real Estate, Preston. The property listing agent and auctioneer was Joe Horton. The proficiency with which he conducted the actual auction was outstanding and the result beyond our expectations.
Throughout the entire sales campaign, Joe performed his duties with the utmost professionalism and friendliness. He constantly kept us informed of all developments and potential interested buyers. The background information that was presented to us about these parties was comprehensive and ultimately, extremely accurate.
His manner was always helpful and cheery. He was always approachable and answered all our questions with directness, honesty and sometimes the appropriate amount of humour.
The presentation of advertising material was also of the highest quality.
We were thrilled with the manner in which the ‘Open for Inspections” were carried out and the feedback provided to us following each ‘open’.
After we originally purchased this property with Joe as the agent, he maintained contact with us during the renovation process and always showed interest in our progress whilst keeping us informed of current local market trends.
Joe’s integrity is without reproach.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Joe to other prospective vendors”

Trever James and Kay James

12 March 2010

Dear Joe and the team at Love Real Estate,

What can I say but you guys are AMAZING! I’m still reeling from a successful auction 2 weeks ago, all due to your outstanding professionalism, expert advice and hard work.
From the day you came around to appraise my apartment to crunch time at auction I was in the best of hands and was rest assured every step of the way every detail would be taken care of and it was! And your top notch service continued when you also assisted me in securing my next home, making what could have been a complicated transition, an easy one.
Your Honest and sincere approach is truly admirable and must also be mentioned. I had no doubt in my mind from day dot that the end result would be an excellent one.
I have already recommended you to several parties because I have been so impressed with your overall service!!
Thanks again for everything
Kindest regards Naomi”


19 November 2009

“Hurray! The house is sold – what a great job Michael Love has done!

I really appreciate all  your hard work and thank so much for bringing the sale date forward when I requested it – I was blown away with how quickly you just picked it up and ran with it !!

Thanks again for all your help.”


“Thank you very much Phil! That would be the Best Service ever received!!

Will definitely call upon you if we ever decide to sell or for any other property needs because that would be the best customer service I have ever experienced… I know it’s the real estate profession…. haha but still…. that’s what customer service is about.

Excellent Service!

Thanks again”

Debbie Rallis

“I want to thank you and your staff, for the professional and efficient manner in which you handled the recent sale of our investment property.

The process was very smooth from the first meeting at your office, to the regular telephone updates following inspections, and right up to the signing of the contracts.

My wife and I always felt informed of the progress and latest developments, and the communication was exemplary.
The professional approach received from you during the selling phase, was matched by the management team who looked after our property for the previous seven years through tenant changes, maintenance issues, etc.

Even though we have now sold the investment property and no longer deal with Love Real Estate on a regular basis, we look forward to the opportunity to enter the property market again in the future and once again engage Love Real Estate to manage our asset.

Keep up the great work Arthur!! I look forward to referring my friends and associates to you. ”

Teo and Rita Torrelli

To Love Real Estate and Michael Love

My partner Tim bought his house 14 years ago and at that time Graham Love helped him to purchase the property.
When we decided to make a sea change , we contacted different real estate agents in the area.

The reason we decided on E.J Love was because Tim was happy with their service 14 years ago and when Michael Love and Arthur Torpatzis presented me with a professional portfolio and made me comfortable and secure in my decision. It was obvious they only wanted what was best for us.

Within 2 days of our house going on the Market, Michael Love bought through prospective buyers at 6pm.At 9.30pm he was still negotiating with them and after several phone calls to us, Michael bought us an offer well past normal working hours. We were so happy with the offer and settlement date, we couldn’t thank Michael enough.
The selling of our property and the advice we received from Michael on buying a new property was just too easy.

I recommend if you are thinking of buying or selling a property you cannot go past EJ Love Real Estate.

Thank you Michael Love and EJ Love for the positive and stress free experience we had and I will highly recommend you in the future.


Jody palmer And Tim Martin

I convey to you my sincere appreciation for the manner, and attention to detail, that you conducted at the pre auction open house inspections, and follow-ups as a result of those inspections at our property.

The interest created by you with advertising in the various forms was extremely effective and very professional. The combination of the open days, advertising, plus the excellent and very experienced auctioneer (Graham) all contributed to what I believe was an excellent result.

My brother was delighted with the sale price of his unit.

On behalf of my brother and myself, I thank you for your efforts and personal contact throughout the very successful campaign.

Yours Faithfully,


We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Joe Horton and the team and LOVE Real Estate for  over 14 years, initially as buyers and more recently as vendors when we sold 2 townhouses.  Joe’s hard work and well-informed advice was instrumental in achieving a great sale price, well beyond our reserve.  Most importantly, we really valued the thorough and professional  service we received from the early days when we were developing the property, through to the sale and beyond. As working parents we had little time for details and put our trust in Joe and the team to guide us through the sale process.  It is clear that Joe has a passion for his work and a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry. On a personal level we really valued Joe’s optimism,  honesty and that he took the time out to keep us regularly informed when it mattered. We believe LOVE Real Estate has set a high benchmark for service that would be hard to find elsewhere. We highly recommend Joe Horton and the team for all your real estate needs.

Gerry and Athina Katiforis

Joe Horton

Joe Horton and his team were very helpful and professional in the sale of our investment property.

I found Joe to be a very honest person with the market appraisal and expectation of the sale value of our property.  After every inspection, he called to advise me how each inspection went, with regards to the number of people who attended, their feedback and 2nd visits.


Considering we were in the middle of renovating our own home, Joe and his team took responsibility and any additional stress from selling this investment property, which was of great importance and assistance to us.


We would highly recommend Joe and Love Real Estate Preston for services they have provided from property (rental) management right thru to buying / selling a home.

Keep up the great work!

Victor & Kathy